From childsplay, to elite.

We were about 9-10 years old when all of us were rollerskating, and it was boring. We had to do something else, what about playing hockey! It,s more fun! So we started a team, playing in the streets.
This spontaneous playing lasted for 8 years, until 1994, when we registered in the swedish bandy federation (SBF), and we came to play indoors.
In that time some changes in our roster occurred, the brothers Andersson, Håkan and Henrik left us. The replacements were Mattias Jönsson and Krystian Lunde´n.

In 1995 we got kicked out of our indoor arena. And our new home-field is a schoolbus parking. At that time an important change took place, our old goal-keeper Ola Hasselgren traded place in the goal with Patrik Svensson. Patrik became the backbone in the building of our "new" team. The new team was complete as Markus Lennartsson and Daniel Bogren joined our team in 1996. This meant that we won over 85% of our matches 1996.
The winter season 1996/1997 we got in hold of a new indoor arena for about 2 months.

In spring 1997 we began our preparations for the swedish championships in June. The only thing we was missing in our line-up was a defensive defender. Lucky us, a man named Peter Ström showed up, in the beginning we were a bit skeptic about his age (he is 36), but our keeper, Patrik, was impressed after the first training, and said go, and after a while the rest of the team also got swept away by his efficiency and coolness in the defense.
14 of june it was time for the swedish championships in Malmö. The first game was against our friends in Arlöv Stars, we won by 7 goals to 5, after 6 goals by Andreas Hasselgren and 1 by Peter Ström.
Next match featured Sandviken, which we had forth-seen as favorites to win the tournament, the match ended 5-3 in our favor.
The 15 of june we had a early match against our mates from Malmö, Roller Hudlums, victory again, this time by 6 to 2, we were ready for finals. In the other group Nässjö had gone through unbeaten, and it was our time to face them.
Nässjö came fresh to the match since they didn´t have to play earlier on the day. The match was hard and fair, and in the later of the game we picked up a 4-2 result to 4-4. Which became the final result. This meant that we had to decide the champions in a penalty shootout. We lost it, 7-6, and became through that result the second best team in Sweden. Our MVP were two, the defender Peter Ström and keeper Patrik Svensson.

VRHC=s current roster is as follows

#1 Patrik "Mr Cool" Svensson, goalkeeper, 78
#2 Andreas "Aendy" Hasselgren, forward, 78
#3 Daniel Bogren, forward/defender, 77
#4 Markus Lennartsson, defender, 78
#5 Thomas "Pico" Johannesson, forward/defender, 78
#6 Mattias "Corenwyn" J;nsson, forward, 81
#7 Peter Str;m, defender, 61
#8 Johan Persson, goalkeeper/defender/forward, 80
#9 Ola "iMANi" Hasselgren, defender, 81
#10 Krystian Lunde\n, forward, 81
Coach: Ingvar "Big daddy cool" Svensson, Anders Hasselgren

The future:
1998 we will take revenge for the painful loss in the swedish championship, and win to become champions.
And hopefully, will we participate and get probably get humiliated in a tournament somewhere in Europe.